A simple proven system to rewire your thinking & achieve your life’s goals.

This groundbreaking book from Bryan Gile is a complete step-by-step walkthrough on how to think like the most successful people on earth.

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Learn how I skyrocketed my own self-belief in business and made my first $1million in the man-made surf park industry as a direct result.

Here’s how I again applied the Continual Focus system to rapidly accelerate my learning curve having NEVER been a dancer before. P.S. the top 1% understand & apply this method to ANY & EVERY goal of theirs…

Get a full report on the Continual Focus system I used to learn fluent Spanish and Portuguese abroad, and even conversational French at home!

Get step-by-step examples and insights on how to mentally & physically approach becoming excellent or world class at any goal.

At 30 years old I had an eviction notice on my door and was -$16,000 in debt. By 34 my net worth was $317,000. Let’s address how to identify if you’re self sabotaging your goals and what to do about it.

Think like the most successful people on earth.

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    This groundbreaking book from Gile is a complete step-by-step walkthrough on how to think like the most successful people on earth.


    Gile is a 6x World Record Holding Skydiver, public speaker, extreme sports athlete, & yogi.


    Gile is a global traveler, salsa dancer, entrepreneur, & pro athlete.

    10 Things This Book Will Teach You

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    Praise For Be Great Be Happy

    "Under Gile’s mentorship, I learned to segment a large end goal into smaller steps. Utilizing his techniques, I was able to focus, visualize, practice and progress through each step along the path to achieve my goals"
    Jeanine B.
    “Bryan Gile, a gravity defying maestro, channels his passion and dedication into applicable and life transforming teachings. Having attended a events he has organized, I've departed armed with knowledge and new skills. His guidance remains my go to reference.”
    Adam V.
    “Gile’s extensive experience and success across various disciplines shine through in his coaching approach, where he prioritizes both skill enhancement and individual goal attainment."
    Lauren K.
    “Gile has been a true inspiration by the encouragement and positive motivation he has given me while struggling in my endeavors. I’ve been inspired by his leadership and confidence he has displayed while coaching me."
    Alfonso P.
    “I have been jumping with Bryan on the skydiving world record circuit for almost 10 years. Time and time again, I have witnessed how heis able to use his expert knowledge and leadership skills to elevate the abilities of his teammates around him, including my own."
    Chris G.
    “Working with Gile for over 2 years I was able to improve my skills substantially and achieve a number of the goals I had set for myself. Gile's guidance and enthusiasm have been invaluable to me in my progression towards my dreams.”
    Marcus W.
    “When I was looking to expand my skillset and reach more challenging goals in my sport, Gile provided expert advice and led the events that were integral in laying the foundation for my growth within that scope."
    Kiara B.
    “As a Senior Legal Advisor, I worked closely with Gile on all US clients for our business. He has an outstanding track record of delivering far beyond company targets. Gile’s knowledge and ability to explain complicated topics in layman’s terms to potential clients helped build trust."
    Carolyn G.
    "Gile is the type of person who understands that if you invest in the next generation, it creates a better environment for all. He helped facilitate veteran level leadership for our group of less experience, which created a culture of growth for all levels. After awhile."
    Alex D.

    Learn more about Be Great Be Happy

    This groundbreaking book from Gile is a complete step-by-step walkthrough on how to think like the most successful people on earth.

    Let me tell you more about the Book

    “Be Great Be Happy” stands as an unparalleled and practical guide, offering science based strategies on fostering positive thinking, sustaining long term action, and achieving our greatest life goals. This work provides actionable steps capable of rewiring your brain to naturally think and react like that of a world champion athlete, successful CEO, famous actor, artist, or musician. Get ready for a proven plan to elevate your life day by day and thought by thought.
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    Learn more about Be Great Be Happy
    be great be happy book

    Hi, I’m Bryan Gile

    Gile is a 6x World Record-holding professional skydiving athlete with 12,000 skydives, a seasoned global traveler having lived in 7 distinct locations around the world, a speaker of three foreign languages, a yogi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, surfer, and an accomplished entrepreneur.

    As the former Director of North American Sales for Surf Lakes International (2020-2023), he brings a decade-long track record of world-class success in multiple areas of life. His writing journey stems from a desire to share the systems of thought developed in Be Great Be Happy that turned his biggest weaknesses into his biggest strengths allowing him the life of goal achievement he always desired.
    more about me…

    Get 3 Free valuable chapters and neuroscience back strategies the Top 1% use to obliterate any goal

      Your destiny is where you are heading. It’s the ‘destination’ at the end of a road that you are paving!
      Bryan Gile