Hi, I’m Bryan Gile

A record-setting skydiver, global adventurer, and author dedicated to inspiring greatness and happiness through my experiences and writings.

About the Author

Gile is a 4x world-record-holding professional skydiver. He developed the Positive Immediate Action system of Be Great Be Happy while learning how to apply his astronomical success in extreme sports and foreign languages to all other areas of his life. From 2020 – 2023 as his professional ambitions were achieved, he became the North American Sales Director at Surf Lakes International, where he brought in 74% of all global licensing revenue for the largest artificial wave-pool manufacturer in the world. He has lived in seven different countries and four continents. He is an avid salsa dancer, yogi, public speaker, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, and speaks three foreign languages. When not traveling the world, you can find him surfing tropical beaches in Puerto Rico or skydiving in San Diego, California.

Multi-talented athlete, entrepreneur, writer Author

Bryan Gile is a record-holding skydiver, successful entrepreneur, and the author of “Be Great Be Happy.” His diverse talents span extreme sports, business innovation, and motivational writing, each reflecting his commitment to pushing boundaries and inspiring others to achieve their full potential.

Record-breaking skydiver, global adventurer, polyglot

Bryan Gile, a world-record skydiver, has lived and adventured across four continents, embracing diverse cultures and challenges. Multi-lingual, 4x world record-breaking skydiver, & global adventurer. His polyglot skills enhance his global experiences, showcasing his versatility and passion for pushing personal boundaries.

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