Motivational books are powerful tools that can help you to take action, improve your mindset, and achieve your goals. The glowing feeling you get after finishing reading the last pages of your favorite motivational books.  The sense of wonder, the willingness, or the creativity seems to be working and in your imagination, you see yourself facing all the obstacles easily- and succeeding, Yeah, you should have this feeling more often, every one of us should.

There is nothing bad about starting your day in a good mood for a serious change in your life, and one of the best things you can do to get inspiration is, guess, can’t? Within the pages of motivational and inspiring books, We all go through life and it is like a roller coaster. We face many ups and downs as we go through the high and low points of life. Life becomes easier and simpler when you accept that setbacks are part of life during the achievement of goals and you will face hurdles along the way. This is why a few amazing sources of inspiration, such as motivational books never hurt anyone.

The following motivational books are selected because they can fulfill this need for you. These best motivational books will help you change your situation and current perspectives and also help you grow in unexpected ways. 

Among these, “Be Great Be Happy” stands out as a prime example of a book that provides practical steps and insights for personal growth and happiness. In this blog, we will explore this book in detail and introduce more motivational books that can transform your life. Let’s go and check out the best books for motivation.

Motivational Books for Life Transformation 

1. “Be Great Be Happy

be great be happy

Author: Bryan Gile 

It is one of the exceptional motivational books that emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset and goal setting. Gile’s book is divided into two parts: “Be Great” and “Be Happy.”

Part One: 

Be Great focuses on goal setting and developing a Superior Belief System. Gile introduces concepts like realistic optimism, which involves maintaining a hopeful attitude while preparing for challenges. He discusses the importance of taking Positive Immediate Action to create a new version of oneself, capable of achieving big goals. 

The author shares his experiences as a professional skydiver and executive, illustrating how adopting a strong belief system can lead to success in various areas of life.

Part Two: 

Be Happy explores the idea that achieving goals alone does not guarantee happiness. Gile delves into the causes of suffering and introduces techniques for managing the ego and embracing the present moment. He emphasizes that true happiness comes from within and is not dependent on external achievements.

2. Man’s Search for Meaning 

Man’s Search for Meaning

Author: Victor E. Frankl

Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl describes his experience living in Nazi death camps and explains the lessons he learned about spiritual survival.  Frankl also argued while explaining that avoiding suffering is not realistic. However, by choosing how we deal with that suffering and the real meaning, we become able to move forward with a new purpose.

The book has been listed as one of the best motivational books and sold over 10 million copies in 24 languages. 

3. The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

Author: Norman Vincent Peale

“The Power of Positive Thinking” is a classic self-help book that encourages readers to develop a positive mindset. Peale provides practical advice on how to overcome obstacles and maintain a positive attitude, which is essential for achieving success and happiness. This is one of the best books about being positive.  There are practical tips outlined in this book that can energize your life, and help you take the initiative needed to achieve your dreams and goals.

4. Atomic Habits 

Atomic Habits

Author: James Clear

“Atomic Habits” focuses on the power of small, incremental changes. Clear explains how tiny habits can lead to significant improvements in personal and professional life. The book offers actionable strategies for building and maintaining good habits while breaking bad ones.

If you are facing issues changing your habits, the problem is not you, it is the system. Bad habits don’t change until you want to change, but because of the wrong system, you fail to reach your goals. In this book, you will get to know about the proven system that can take you to a new level.

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Author Stephen R. Covey

Covey’s book outlines seven habits that can transform one’s personal and professional life. These habits, ranging from being proactive to seeking mutual benefits in interactions, provide a comprehensive framework for personal development and effectiveness. Covey’s book is known to be one of the best books for personal development. 

6. You Are a Badass

You Are a Badass

Author Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero’s “You Are a Badass” is one of the great motivational books that encourages readers to embrace their inner power and live their best lives. Sincero shares personal anecdotes and practical advice on how to build self-confidence and pursue one’s dreams.

7. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Mindset The New Psychology of Success

Author Carol S. Dweck

Carol Dweck’s “Mindset” introduces the concept of fixed and growth mindsets. She explains how adopting a growth mindset, which involves viewing challenges as opportunities for growth, can lead to greater success and personal development. This is one of the good self-improvement books you should add to your must-read books. 

8. The Alchemist

The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a wonderful story about an incredible and inspiring journey towards self-discovery. In this book, you will find a combination of mysticism and wisdom, and it has sold millions of copies worldwide. The story is about a shepherd boy named Santiago who travels in search of a treasure. His journey starts from his home in Spain to the markets of Tangiers and across the Egyptian desert to the meeting with the alchemist.

9. The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements

Author Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements” is a guide to personal freedom and a fulfilling life. Ruiz outlines four simple yet profound agreements that can transform one’s life by promoting authenticity, integrity, and inner peace. Do add one of these motivational books to your must-read section 

10. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Grit The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Author Angela Duckworth

Angela Duckworth’s “Grit” explores the importance of passion and perseverance in achieving long-term goals. She provides research-based insights and practical advice on how to develop grit and overcome obstacles. This is one of the must-read motivational books, and you should add it to your list.


These motivational books offer valuable insights and practical strategies for personal development and transformation. Whether you are searching for great motivational books for men or a motivational book for a teenager these book titles provide diverse perspectives and actionable advice to help you accomplish your goals and live a promising life. 

Start your journey with Be Great Be Happy and explore the other 9 books to learn about the best strategies for personal growth and happiness. By including these books in your reading list, you can gain the knowledge and motivation needed to make good changes in your life. 

Remember, the journey of self-improvement and personal development is ongoing, and these books can be a helpful companion along the way. 


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